i love you is more than three little words…….

February 14th, 2012 by the Joshi Clinic

When you say you love somebody, there should a much greater motivation than simply those spoken words.

Try to be constant so that they will understand the core of your personality and from that understanding gain strength and security that you are acting as you. You may falter with your moods. You may project, at times, a strangeness that is alien to them which may bewilder or frighten them. There will be times when they question your motives. But because people are never constant and are as changeable as the seasons, you should try to build up within them a faith in your fundamental attitude and show that your inconsistency is only for the moment and not a lasting part of you. Show your love now. Each and every day, for each day is a lifetime. Every day we live, we learn more how to love. Do not defer your love nor neglect it, for if you wait until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. It is like a cloud in the sky, passing by.

If you give kindness and understanding, then you will receive faith. If you give hate and dishonesty, you will receive distrust. If you give fear and are afraid, they will become afraid and fear you. You need give out what you need to receive.

The degree of love you give is determined by your own capability. My capability is determined by the environment of my past existence and my understanding of love, truth and God. My understanding is determined by my parents, friends, places I have lived and been. Each experience is fed into my mind from living.

Love is universal. Love is the movement of life. You can love a boy, a girl, your family, friends, art, nature.   All things in life are beautiful. No human being or society has the right to condemn any kind of love you feel or your way of expressing it, especially if you are sincere; sincerity being the honest realization of yourself, without hurt or pain for your life, or any life your life touches.

Become a truly loving spirit.  Let my words, if I must speak, become the restoration of your soul.  But when speech is silent, don’t you still project the great depth of your sensitivity.

When you touch them, or kiss them, or hold them, you are saying a thousand words.


My Personal Trainer Mika Pekkarinen

February 7th, 2012 by the Joshi Clinic

I am often approached by people wanting to learn the secret to health and staying in shape.  Funny but those who don’t eat healthily and exercise regularly always think there’s a “secret”.

No two people are exactly alike — therefore there is no easy solution.  What motivates one individual may not serve as inspirational fodder for another.  In my experience the common ingredients among those who are healthy and live an active lifestyle are dedication, willpower and, most of all, a genuine love for what they do.

You have to be realistic, both in your activities and your goals.  Don’t go full throttle 100% all of the time, you’ll burn out before you know it; aspire for a reachable goal so you don’t get discouraged by any lack of progress.  If getting healthy and in getting into shape were easy everybody would be fit and look amazing.  It becomes a whole lot easier when you see results and participate in a sport or activity you enjoy.  This way your enthusiasm will not wane, your participation will not suffer and you will exceed your expectations by a mile.

Life’s expectations, travel, social commitments and lack of energy takes its toll on the body and slowly we slide down the slippery spiral of weight gain and lethargy.  I too with my work commitments found myself trapped in this cycle.  Taking the first step is easy, its maintaining it, building up your confidence and being motivated and encouraged by those around you that helps you reach your goal.

Mika Pekkarinen my personal trainer and friend helps me not only achieve my goals, but set new horizons.  He and his fiancee Maija have not only helped countless of my patients look and feel amazing, but also have become a very important part of our lives.  They push us that extra rep, take that extra step and look forward to seeing us with cheery smiles on their faces.  I joke with him all time that I cant wait for him to go on holiday…..this time I told him I wished he wasnt going, and was thrilled that he got back today.  Asking for help is ok.

Stand together with your friends and look towards your future knowing that you have a friends to help you get there.

Mika is my friend and I dedicate this blog to him and salute him for giving Joshi back to himself……thank you Mika                                                                                                                                                   Joshi


Eat to live…..

January 27th, 2012 by the Joshi Clinic

As we weave towards another year of innovations and advances in science and technology so too does our understanding of the benefits and detrimental effects this brings. More pharmaceuticals are manufactured, we are becoming immune to these as times goes on, and developing adverse immunity to that which is also being manufactured: FOOD.

We seek help in the form of natural medicines to heal modern day diseases yet choose modern foods to create these diseases as opposed to natural ones. As our choices increase so does our need and demand for simplicity. I hear patients ask each and everyday, “just tell me what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner”.  The diversity of choices has not only made us confused but also led to food intolerances and allergies. Our immune systems have become de-sensitised to the drugs, but hypersensitive to our internal and external environments.

An investigation by scientists from the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) at Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) followed 559 children ages 14-18. The study subjects’ dietary habits were measured; their blood analyzed and blood pressure, body fat and other health measurements taken. The researchers found a correlation between high-fructose (sugar/corn syrup) diets and markers for heart and vascular disease such as higher blood pressure, fasting glucose, insulin resistance, levels of C – reactive protein, related to inflammation.

The demand for organic produce, non GM foods and quality ingredients has become something we are increasingly, thankfully, demanding globally.  Why then can we still allow ourselves to make bad choices for our children and ourselves when we wouldn’t serve these foods to our pets?  Make your home a free-from zone.  Look closely at the ingredients and additives in your grocery choices.  Change dietary expectations.  Make meals about family togetherness or moments of reflection and peace.  Taste the vitality of locally grown, ripe produce.  Drink more water.

Make this a day when you begin to hear what your body is telling you, listen to your inner child, take small consistent steps towards a healthier, happier, disease free future.                  Joshi


Onwards and upwards……..

January 20th, 2012 by the Joshi Clinic

People need to learn to be kinder to themselves. A lot of people I come into contact with cut corners, and while they have a tendency to feel guilty about doing things which are bad for them, they also often go into a cycle of self-destruction, binge eating, drinking or smoking, saying “I can’t help myself.” One can always help oneself. One just has to learn how.

I have come to realise over the years that if I get worked up about work stress or patient problems, the only person it affects is me.  Being a Hindu Brahmin, I understand clearly the fundamental thinking behind the West’s new fashion for yoga and I understand where it comes from. My people have been living this way for thousands of years. I know for myself that when I’m stressed, I suffer from insomnia, indigestion and headaches. So I’ve learned to let go.

People are seeking more guidance these days; they’re starting to understand how to control their emotions and minds. We’re all trying to find peace and tranquillity on this earth – and that doesn’t come just from eating the right kind of food.

Fundamentally, the huge increase in popularity of yoga and meditation is people’s way of trying to find inner calm. And to get away from this incredibly fast, more-more-more way of life that we all live now. Everyone is busy busy busy and what people need is a way to find some calm and tranquillity and just take time to relax. Learn to let go of situations you can’t control. Be kinder to yourself and don’t hold onto the past.       Joshi


Healthy Snack Ideas!

January 18th, 2012 by the Joshi Clinic

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Now you have decided to make the change to a healthier lifestyle you can see the potential benefits are endless. However there can be some times when it is hard to stick to your new food choices, travelling either by plane, or a long car journey. These moments can be tiring and the foods available can be questionable. Working late either at home or the office can leave you feeling tired and craving something like a chocolate bar or biscuit and then there is the mid afternoon slump that can leave you reaching for a coffee and some cake to restore energy levels and focus.

There are a number of healthy snack choices available to you, when you need a quick fix, which will help keep you satisfied and away from the naughties!

Here are my top ten healthy snack choices taken from my book Joshi’s Holistic Life Plan.

* Rice cakes – load them with yoghurt dips, smoked salmon, almond or cashew butter or use them instead of bread for “sandwiches”. If you find them too thick, try those designed for babies, thinner and more dainty.

* Gluten free oatcakes-nutty and delicious topped with sheep’s cheese or grilled vegetables with a sprinkling of herbed goats cheese.

* Hummus-Great for dipping, home made is best (see recipe for details)

* Guacamole-Another fabulous dip or topping. Again, home made is streets ahead of the shop bought stuff. Try our recipe or try the recipe for the “Top Shelf Gaucamole” from Cantina Laredo (http://www.cantinalaredo.co.uk)

* Chopped carrots, celery, cauliflower and mange tout to dip into hummus, or fat free yoghurt with chopped chives, or crunch alone.

* Nuts and Seeds- Walnuts, pecans, almonds, Brazils, sunflower, linseed, pumpkin, flax seeds. Packed with proteins and anti-oxidants and “good” fats (see recipe below)

* Ripe fresh fruit- bananas, blueberries, apples etc. Ensure they are naturally ripened, organic and preferably in season.

* Organic dried fruits-raisins, sultanas, prunes, currants, apricots, mango, pineapple etc. But make sure they don’t have added sugar which can be disguised as raw cane sugar!!

* Falafel-Delicious Middle Eastern chickpea patties.

The trick is to plan ahead, and make sure that you the foods and snacks readily available, in your fridge, kitchen, desk at the office and bag.

Remember plenty of fresh filtered water throughout the day. Tiredness can also be a sign that you are dehydrated. Teas, coffees and juices don’t count as part of your daily quota!

Have a great week and stay healthy!



Love Your Liver

January 12th, 2012 by the Joshi Clinic

There has been a lot of talk in the press this week about detoxing and after a heavy month of parties and far too much champagne many people think that spending all of January off the booze will do them a lot of good, but according to a report by the BBC on the 1st of January 2012 The British Liver Trust is saying that taking a month off will only do minimal good to the liver if we go right back to regular bouts of drinking.

Those of you who have been following my work for a long time will know that the key to a healthy liver is balanced and healthy lifestyle rather than binging and looking for quick fixes to make it all better.

My 21 day plan is not a quick fix by any means, what it does is teach people how to keep the nasties down to a minimum and move into a healthier, more nourishing lifestyle by choosing healthy, delicious foods that not only taste great but also support the body and cultivate healthier long term choices.

New research is also confirming what Ayuvedic and Chinese medicine, which are centuries old and steeped in tradition have been teaching for centuries, that we must look at the bigger picture of our lifestyle choices if we want to make true changes and seek to achieve a more balanced state.

The British Liver Trust’s new health campaign is saying the best New Year’s resolution for the liver would be to stay off alcohol for two or three days every week, because unless there is long term or serious damage, then the liver can start to repair itself in just 24 hours.

Keeping alcohol intake down to a minimum and taking regular breaks or 2-3 days per week in the long term is far better than abstaining for a month and then going back to a regular Friday night binge.

To support liver function you might like to try Joshi’s Liver Formula which along with a healthy lifestyle will provide excellent support to your liver

Joshi x

For more information about the BBC please go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-16354472
For mroe information about The British Liver Trust’s new campaign please go to http://www.loveyourliver.org.uk/


Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2011 by the Joshi Clinic

I hope everyone had a lovely time over the last few days with their family and friends and that the suggestions we made last week helped you to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle choices!

Whilst most of the festive season is almost behind us we are not out of the woods yet! Most of us will be gearing up for New Years Eve celebrations, and with this in mind I wanted to give you a quick recap about my healthy tips for events and then some suggestions for the New Year!

1.) I know you’ll be excited to get to the party but please try and make sure that you eat something before you leave the house, this will help line your stomach (a banana and some almonds with yoghurt is a great idea)
2.) To help prevent dehydration, please try and drink a glass of water between the glasses of champagne!
3.) When you get home, I would suggest having a piece of wholemeal toast and some almond butter and keeping some water next to the bed with either Berocca or an Emergen-C sachet.

Now that we’ve got the party out of the way I think it’s a great time to think about 2012! Forgive, forget, learn lessons from the past year, break away from toxic relationships, leave 2011 in 2011, and move forwards from 1st Jan on the right foot. Don’t start with a hangover, go to the gym, plan your goals, start the first day of next year refreshed and happy and motivated to have real happiness in your life and a meaningful year

Where ever you are going for NYE, I hope you all have a lovely time and, as always, stay healthy!

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Joshi x


How to enjoy any festive meal the Joshi way

December 23rd, 2011 by the Joshi Clinic

With the festive season in full swing I hope you are all having a great time with family and friends and staying healthy!

There can be a tendancy to over indulge during this time of year and then spend most of January trying to repair the damage and feeling slightly guilty, but it really doesent have to be this way, you can still enjoy the festive season by making a few small changes and adjustments you will still look and feel fabulous afterwards!

1. Try to fill up on vegetables and avoid the stodgy breads and starters
2. Be kind to your body, rather than over indulging in rich desserts, share one with a friend or even better, just enjoy the first bite, you really dont need more.
3. Try an organic nut roast in place of traditional stuffing, its delicious!
4. Watch your drinking! Stick to just one or two alcoholic drinks and then move on to water, to make your water more interesting add some slices of lemons, cucumbers and strawberries.
5. Eat consiously, put your fork down between bites, stop when you feel full and chew your food thoroughly.
6. Replace cakes and pies with delicious fruit salads, frozen fat free yoghurts and delicious smoothies!
7. Tuck into the turkey, its full of feel good substances that boost the mood!

Have a lovely week and stay healthy!

Joshi x


My Gift Ideas!

December 19th, 2011 by the Joshi Clinic

One of my favourite things about this time of year is buying presents for friends and family! Here are some of my favourite gift ideas, perfect for the holiday season or any time of year!

Fridge fill from Honestly Healthy
A wonderful company I highly recommend is Honestly Healthy, their lovely range of healthy, delicious foods are a great way to make sure you are eating properly and they even offer a fabulous service called Fridge Fill, where healthy, alkaline based meals are delivered to your door! Sticking to your detox couldn’t’t be easier!
Fridge fill costs £135 for 3 days,for more information please email Natasha on hello@honestlyhealthyfoods.com

Skincare with Lorraine Downie , from The Wyndham Place Clinic
Established 15 years ago, Wyndham Place Clinic is an elegant assortment of beauty experts. “A one stop shop for all your beauty needs”. Offering every type of treatment to make you look and feel absolutely fabulous. Lorraine Downie C&G, ITEC, Guild of BT is a leading facialist and Creative Director of the Daughters of Lilly skincare range: www.daughtersoflilly.com ! The beauty experts specialise in: facials, facial reflexology, laser hair removal, and semi permanent makeup.
For more information please go to www.wyndhamplaceclinic.co.uk or call. 0207 723 8838

Personal training with Maija
Maija is a Personal trainer, fitness model and passionate about helping people to achieve their fitness goals, Maija specialises in strength training, fat loss, and improving overall fitness.
She is one of our exclusive Personal trainers and works with most of our celebrity and VIP clients globally; she has done the Joshi detox so can understand and relate to you and works very closely with us when seeing a patient for maximum results.
For more information or to book an appointment please call the Joshi Clinic on 020 7487 5456

Kelly Hoppen candles
My dear friend, and wonderful interior designer, Kelly Hoppen has a fabulous range of candles which I absolutely love! There are four different scents to choose from to help to harmonise and energise and give any space a warm and intimate feel Perfect for a loved one or even for yourself!
Kelly Hoppen candles cost £38 and are available from www.amara.co.uk

Joshi Detox Kit
The perfect gift to start your new year the Joshi way! A 21 day supply of my supplements to support you on your detox and enhance the cleansing process. Each kit contains Guide booklet 21 days supply of Joshi’s Herbal Cleanse , Joshi’s Kidney Formula, Joshi’s Liver Formula , Joshi’s Sugar Balancer.
The Joshi 21 Day Detox Kit is £165 and available from www.joshiclinic.co.uk

Have a lovely week!



How to enjoy the party season (or any event) the Joshi way!

December 9th, 2011 by the Joshi Clinic

With the Holiday season almost upon us, I understand how busy we are all going to be with work parties, celebrating with family and friends, and also for those of us whos jobs involve going out, so I have the following tips to help you enjoy the party season (or any party or event really!) the Joshi way! By following my advice you can still have a great time but we will make sure that you leave the party on time, looking and feeling your best and are on top form the next day!

1.) Make sure you line your stomach with something healthy before the big event, this helps to not only curb the appetite, and thus avoid the empty calories of canapés and bar snacks, but also helps you to control the effects of the alcohol.

2.) You’ve probably heard this before but, I suggest having a glass of still water between your drinks, and suggest sticking to purer distilled alcohols such as vodka, gin or martinis, its much kinder on your liver and wont leave you feeling as awful the next day!

3.) If working the next day set your alarm to go home! And arrange to stick to it with a friend (always best to leave the party looking good!)

4.) Before you go to bed, have a piece of gluten free, wholemeal toast with peanut or almond butter, this will help to absorb any excess alcohol in your system , washed down with a glass of filtered water with an Emergen-C.

5.) The next morning, Start your day with a large glass of filtered water with a Beroccca to replenish lost minerals and provide the body with essential B vitamins for energy, and of course, a healthy breakfast such as scrambled eggs on wheat free toast or fat free Greek yoghurt with a tea spoon of honey.

Stay Healthy!

Joshi x

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