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i love you is more than three little words…….

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

When you say you love somebody, there should a much greater motivation than simply those spoken words.

Try to be constant so that they will understand the core of your personality and from that understanding gain strength and security that you are acting as you. You may falter with your moods. You may project, at times, a strangeness that is alien to them which may bewilder or frighten them. There will be times when they question your motives. But because people are never constant and are as changeable as the seasons, you should try to build up within them a faith in your fundamental attitude and show that your inconsistency is only for the moment and not a lasting part of you. Show your love now. Each and every day, for each day is a lifetime. Every day we live, we learn more how to love. Do not defer your love nor neglect it, for if you wait until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. It is like a cloud in the sky, passing by.

If you give kindness and understanding, then you will receive faith. If you give hate and dishonesty, you will receive distrust. If you give fear and are afraid, they will become afraid and fear you. You need give out what you need to receive.

The degree of love you give is determined by your own capability. My capability is determined by the environment of my past existence and my understanding of love, truth and God. My understanding is determined by my parents, friends, places I have lived and been. Each experience is fed into my mind from living.

Love is universal. Love is the movement of life. You can love a boy, a girl, your family, friends, art, nature.   All things in life are beautiful. No human being or society has the right to condemn any kind of love you feel or your way of expressing it, especially if you are sincere; sincerity being the honest realization of yourself, without hurt or pain for your life, or any life your life touches.

Become a truly loving spirit.  Let my words, if I must speak, become the restoration of your soul.  But when speech is silent, don’t you still project the great depth of your sensitivity.

When you touch them, or kiss them, or hold them, you are saying a thousand words.


My Personal Trainer Mika Pekkarinen

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

I am often approached by people wanting to learn the secret to health and staying in shape.  Funny but those who don’t eat healthily and exercise regularly always think there’s a “secret”.

No two people are exactly alike — therefore there is no easy solution.  What motivates one individual may not serve as inspirational fodder for another.  In my experience the common ingredients among those who are healthy and live an active lifestyle are dedication, willpower and, most of all, a genuine love for what they do.

You have to be realistic, both in your activities and your goals.  Don’t go full throttle 100% all of the time, you’ll burn out before you know it; aspire for a reachable goal so you don’t get discouraged by any lack of progress.  If getting healthy and in getting into shape were easy everybody would be fit and look amazing.  It becomes a whole lot easier when you see results and participate in a sport or activity you enjoy.  This way your enthusiasm will not wane, your participation will not suffer and you will exceed your expectations by a mile.

Life’s expectations, travel, social commitments and lack of energy takes its toll on the body and slowly we slide down the slippery spiral of weight gain and lethargy.  I too with my work commitments found myself trapped in this cycle.  Taking the first step is easy, its maintaining it, building up your confidence and being motivated and encouraged by those around you that helps you reach your goal.

Mika Pekkarinen my personal trainer and friend helps me not only achieve my goals, but set new horizons.  He and his fiancee Maija have not only helped countless of my patients look and feel amazing, but also have become a very important part of our lives.  They push us that extra rep, take that extra step and look forward to seeing us with cheery smiles on their faces.  I joke with him all time that I cant wait for him to go on holiday…..this time I told him I wished he wasnt going, and was thrilled that he got back today.  Asking for help is ok.

Stand together with your friends and look towards your future knowing that you have a friends to help you get there.

Mika is my friend and I dedicate this blog to him and salute him for giving Joshi back to himself……thank you Mika                                                                                                                                                   Joshi