Joshi Rest and Rejuvenation Retreat

The combination of beautiful weather, dedicated staff and amazing surroundings ensures that this retreat is an unforgettable and exclusive experience. Guests enjoy lounging by the pool whilst having manicures, pedicures and foot massages. Other treatments you can indulge in include Haman scrubs in the exclusive Riad Spa, relaxing massages in the privacy of your bedroom and beauty treatments done by the on-site beauty therapists that includes facials, hair dressing, scalp, neck and shoulder massages.

Our female guests particularly enjoy the Devi Ritual; which involves having a deep tissue massage whilst their bath of milk and infused oil is being prepared for a deeply relaxing experience. This indulgent body soak is finally followed by an assisted siesta ultra-relaxation massage.

The Joshi team is flown out to cater to the guests’ needs, providing consultations for Thai, shiatsu and hot stone massages, yoga, life-coaching, personal training and one to one sessions with Joshi.

The retreat is a great way to shed those extra, unwanted pounds.

All guests follow Joshi's Holistic Detox whilst on the retreat; which includes taking Joshi's supplement range. All meals are wonderfully prepared by the Riad Chefs who cook meals directly from Joshi Holistic Detox recipes. All meals are supervised by Joshi and designed to use only locally grown ingredients and locally grown organic produce wherever possible.

Personal Training and Yoga session are available to all guests on a daily basis; and with a combination of good healthy food, wonderful treatments and effective training previous guests at our retreat have lost up to 7 pounds over a five to seven day period.

Not only were they looking great but feeling so much more energetic and positive making the retreat and ideal getaway to truly rest and rejuvenate yourself.


"My wife and I just wanted to express our thanks for a wonderful weekend that completely exceeded our already very high expectations (as you described it so well in advance). I am not going to launch into a list of superlatives but simply express our gratitude to the staff at the villa and your team all of who were excellent each in their own way (even my personal yoga teacher Francis). We met some wonderful people. Most of all however we wanted to thank you personally for your leadership and your personal care – from the idea, the execution down to the smallest detail were all a result of the competence and passion you demonstrated first hand throughout. The personal touch made all the difference throughout the stay and you really were the Perfect Host." D. H. / C E O

"When Dr Joshi mentioned the retreat it sounded wonderful and I so needed a break so I came. Wonderful didn't do the retreat justice! Everything was exquisite – from the magnificent surroundings to the massages, yoga and beauty treatments. It lasted five days but was more restorative and beneficial than 2 weeks away. The retreat will stay with me long after I return home – not just the wonderful memories but more importantly the life changing habits and knowledge I've acquired." S. C. S. / City Executive

"Exceeded expectations - an oasis of calm and serenity which aided the detox process infinitely. The trainers and staff met every need and tailored everything specifically to your body and needs. A wonderful experience – beyond anything that the brochure of the Riad or the leaflet from the Joshi Clinic could explain. Feels like I have been away for weeks - not just 5 – 6 days. Don't think about it just go! Thank you very much to everyone. There was not one thing that I disliked or would change. Will definitely be back for more. Thank you again." E. S.

"Thank you so much  – I feel so relaxed and pampered. The Riad is exquisite and magical. I have seen a Red Crescent moon suspended in the sky and had rose petals in my milk bath. There has been a wonderful balance between beauty, rest, therapies, good company and education. The food was amazing and there were such a large variety of therapies. Thank you so much." S. M. / Photographer

The retreat offers a magnificent all inclusive experience. Here is a taste of what can be expected on the retreat:

The Riad

Mind, Body and Spirit Your time can be spent enjoying personal 1on1 individual sessions. These personally tailored options can include all those listed below: For more information or to book your place on the next retreat please contact The Joshi Clinic on 020 7487 5456.