We offer an extensive range of treatments for all your needs, from back pain, neck pain, shoulder and hip pain, arthritis, weight loss, IBS, headaches and stress related symptoms.

Osteopathy - The orthopedic diagnosis of muscular-skeletal disorders and treatment using soft tissue and joint articulation and mobilisations to restore and improve biomechanical function.

Holistic Detox - The elimination of years of build-up of pollutants within the blood and organs of the body to enhance and restore health and vitality.

Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Hot Stone massage, Thai massage, Cupping massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, - Our massages combine muscular techniques and stretching for specific conditions. This helps to aid the healing and therefor speeds up the recovery process. You can also use our massages to put you on the road to relaxation or as an aid for stress management.

Colonic Hydrotherapy at our London based clinic - Colon therapy promotes a healthy functioning colon with the aid of water. It is known to treat and ease a range of health problems. It is often used in the treatment of candida and as part of a detox program. Colonic Hydrotherapy will help to clear old waste matter from the colonic (organ which holds the most waste), thus aiding in the detoxification of the liver; which off loads its waste into the colon via the bile duct.

Personal Training - One to one personal training in the clinic's private Personal Training Centre.

Energy Healing - Our natural flow of energy always moves towards exemplary health and well-being. However, when faced with the challenges that life can sometimes throw at us, we tend to hold onto this unresolved energy. This can create a blockage in our energy field which then depletes our vitality and can lead to ill-health. With the assistance of an Energy Healer, we can be guided into bringing these blockages to light and releasing them. This enables healing on all levels including physical health, emotional well-being, relationships and spiritual realisation.

Botox and Fillers - At The Joshi Clinic we take great pride in treating people with our holistic approach. However, if our patients would like to take use these treatments to improve their image and well-being we do our best to ensure that they are only referred to the best consultants. The Joshi Clinic works alongside many of London's top doctors who provide these treatments to provide an exceptional standard of care.

Endermologie - A mechanical massage with a specialised machine to aid in eliminating toxins. It reduces the appearance of cellulite and contours the body.

Acupuncture - The Stimulation of the Central Nervous System to release chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord and brain. This alters bio chemicals in a way that helps relieve pain, stimulates healing, and promotes physical and emotional health.

Allergy Testing - Food intolerance testing to help identify and understand the triggers for a variety of health problems.

Nutrition and Dietary Support - Clear and concise guidance for weight loss and help with balancing your dietary needs to maintain, vitamin and mineral support. Helps you maintain a healthy, energised body.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy - The management of performance anxiety, stress-related conditions, emotional and addiction disorders. It is a great tool to help build self confidence and motivation

Ayurvedic Medicine - The 5000 year old discipline of natural medicine that uses pulse and tongue diagnosis. It assists in the herbal treatment of today’s medical conditions without the side-effects of modern medicine.

Reflexology - A complementary therapy which works on the feet to help heal the whole person not just the prevailing symptoms. It can be used to help restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium.

The Joshi Clinic and its employees cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury you may suffer due to any event or circumstances beyond our reasonable control. The Joshi Clinic and its employees will endeavour to guide you to optimum wellbeing however they cannot guarantee the efficacy of treatments.