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Colin Wagman - Dr. Joshi is an essential part of my well-being programme...
Dr. Joshi is an essential part of my well-being programme. He helps maintain me in robust good health and has done for many years.
AV, Canada - I would like to inform you that it's been exactly two...
I would like to inform you that it's been exactly two weeks since I started the detox, and I feel great. I had stomach problems prior to the detox, I believe it was due to the high acidic foods in my diet, such as potato chips and fizzy drinks. Thank you so much for writing this wonderful book. I have already spread the word about the book (in Montreal, QC, Canada), and many of my friends and work colleagues are getting ready to try it. Thanks so much!
CP, Canada - I wanted to let you know that my sister told me about the Holistic Detox a few weeks ago ...
I wanted to let you know that my sister told me about the Holistic Detox a few weeks ago and as a result I purchased both books. I have been doing the detox for 1 month now and feel better than I have in over 5 years! I had suffered from being overweight, depression and rheumatoid arthritis and I no longer have any pain, I have already lost 10 lbs and feel happy and energetic! People are stopping me in the street and telling me how fantastic I look! I do plan to continue on to lose more weight and also to use it as my permanent life plan. Thank you Joshi so much! You have no idea what your book has done for me!!!
Mary, USA - Thank you again for everything, I tell everyone about you and call you my miracle Dr...
Thank you again for everything, I tell everyone about you and call you my miracle Dr. The difference that you have made in my own life is immeasurable, I have terrific focus, energy and constantly multi-task again, thanks to you life is good! So good in fact that I am running two businesses now and enjoying every minute of it.
Beverley Young, 49 and mother of three from Leighton Buzzard claims Joshi’s detox even cured her cellulite...
“Since following Joshi’s diet my husband now tells his friends, ‘Don’t get a mistress get a Joshi wife.’ There I was, mother of three, approaching 49 and suffered grumbling stomach pains, bloating, lethargy and unable to lose weight. My GP had given me tablets which had terrible side effects of giving me panic attacks and shortness of breath. I had given up smoking over 20 a day and put on a stone. I was also suffering hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings.

My GP put me on HRT. But I still had no energy. I read about Dr Joshi’s metabolic detox and thought I would make the effort and go to London to see him. 48 hours after going on his diet and taking his supplements I was feeling better. I took the super liver cleanse and digest pills. I was 11 stone 8lb when I first went to see him and am now 10 stone 1lb. My husband Steve, a management consultant was very sceptical at first. But the fact that it was costing me a fair bit of money to go down to London to see him and buy the supplements provided extra incentive for me to stick to his programme. I also had some colonic irrigation – I was a bit nervous about that - but it was fantastic. I realised that dairy products are like a poison to me and yeast is no good yet my doctor had prescribed yeast to ease my leg cramps. Joshi got me off that and also threw away my HRT. He made me feel like I was 30 again. No more hot sweats, flushes or cramps and the best thing of all was that he cured my cellulite! I am back to wearing mini skirts and everyone is saying how fantastic I look – including my husband. Even my cleaning lady and ironing lady have lost weight just by following his diet sheet.

Now I don’t take any supplements but just stick to his diet as much as I can. No red meat, yeast or dairy products. My bottom and legs are not quite like Claudia Schiffer’s but they are not bad and so much better than before. My skin is smoother and weight stable. I have no upset stomach, more energy and am sleeping better. And all because I have got rid of the poisons in my system. My husband says, ‘I have never met Joshi but he is a miracle worker.’ It worked for me that’s all I can say. I love my new legs. When my husband rang our private health insurance company to say how much money we had saved them because they didn’t have to pay for all the drugs my doctor had prescribed me, they were delighted but refused to pay for the cost of Joshi. Isn’t that just typical?
Christina Whitford, 30, is an investment manager, who lives in London with her husband...
An otherwise healthy and active young professional, I found out I had a condition called ulcerative colitis in 2005. My initial reaction was to go into overdrive looking for the best medical solution for the condition, as I was told this was something that would not just go away but could potentially be with me for life. I researched endlessly into the condition to see what drugs were available to bring it under control and keep it there. I was, at the time, on anti-inflammatory tablets and administering enemas twice a day. Needless to say, I was pretty miserable.

So I searched for an alternative, and after some false starts I was giving up hope. My dearest friend suggested I contact Dr. Joshi as she worked in the music industry and had colleagues that saw him for treatment. My fist visit to Joshi was a breath of fresh air and a total relief, as he understood every symptom I mentioned and reassured me that he knew food so well, that he was confident we could heal the ulcers in my intestines through the detox program and a revolutionary change in my diet. Whilst many people go to see Joshi because they want to lose weight, this was not my motivation at all. It was, instead, to change my way of living and taking care of myself, for the better – for life.

I was on the full detox diet for 6 months and my symptoms improved in leaps and bounds. I never returned to my previous diet of too much wheat and sugary foods. Joshi’s program is just part of my everyday life now, it shapes who I am. Colleagues at work know never to offer me the sugar-packed snacks they all eat or endless coffee they drink. I’m healthy – that’s my identity.

I still take anti-inflammatory tablets. As Joshi himself says, he doesn’t believe in discounting the traditional medical profession but rather advocates Ayurvedic and alternative remedies in conjunction with conventional medicine, as the two can go hand-in-hand. I am so proud to be able to say that I have now got my condition under control, to the point where I have not had to be prescribed steroid medication for one entire year – a huge triumph for me and one I know I can sustain, with Joshi’s help, going forward.

Joshi always says he is not a miracle worker – his patients have to work hard to be healthy and rely on their own willpower and determination, but the rewards can be miraculous and will show you the potential of your own body to flourish with a little help along the way.

Christina has since been medically cleared of active ulcerative colitis.
English Patient star Ralph Feinnes, 41, was introduced to Joshi while performing at a London theatre...
English Patient star Ralph Feinnes, 41, was introduced to Joshi while performing at a London theatre. Since then he and his actress partner Francesca Annis have trusted him with their medical problems. As Ralph explains, Joshi has even gone beyond the call of duty by air freighting herbal remedies to him across the world:

“I've been receiving treatment from Joshi for 9 years. He was recommended to me by the Almedia theatre while I was working there in 2000. I pretty much regard him as my GP as he has helped me with a variety of conditions that an orthodox medic could not and would be the first person I would turn to for medical advice. He has used acupuncture on me to heal a strained shoulder muscle which was being over-stressed in a stage fight, and sent me a medicinal drink for a bad bronchial infection I was suffering while I was performing Coriolanus in Tokyo. He didn’t hesitate to send the bottle out to me and it cleared up the infection within 48 hours. You wouldn’t find too many GPs who would do that! I also find him to be an extremely positive character.

I am not a vegetarian and I do drink coffee and alcohol but I do listen to his advice on diet – although don’t follow it to extremes.
Fiona Spencer-Thomas, is a freelance marketing executive in her late forties. She lives in London and is married...
Fiona Spencer-Thomas, is a freelance marketing executive in her late forties. She lives in London and is married with a teenage daughter. Even though I have dieted all my life, over the years I have gradually piled on the weight to the point that I was thirteen stone two and I am only five foot two.

I didn't want to go out and buy clothes because I was so overweight. I always wanted to wait until the next diet and that time when I was going to lose all the weight but of course it just never happened.

And it wasn't just the weight that was bothering me it was the fact that I had no energy. The only that was keeping me going was my brain. I had to drag myself around by pure will power.

I began the diet with an open mind and I was also very positive. I stuck to it rigidly. Two days in I was sick, mainly liquid. I just think it was toxic overload. I also had a lot of headaches and for the first few days I just wanted to put my head down on my desk and sleep.

But then very quickly quite miraculous things started happening. First I noticed that I sleeping better. Then I started wanting to get up in the morning. That had never happened before. Then I found myself running for the bus. And I lost a stone in three weeks.

I must admit that in those three weeks I cheated a little bit. I had a bit of wine and a champagne binge at Ascot but I still lost weight and I wasn't hungry once. Nor was I craving anything. And now I don't get the same cravings for carbs like I used to.

I didn't find the programme restrictive at all. Even during the stringent three week period I went out to lunch and dinner quite often. It's quite easy to find things you can eat in a restaurant. There's always some fish or chicken.

After about a week people started commenting, not so much on the weight loss, but about how well I looked. They said my skin was glowing and that my eyes were sparkling. Of course you swell up with pride and then you start to feel encouraged. Then people started noticing the weight. I'm still following the programme. I don't think of it as a diet at all.

Well, it's not. It's now a way of life. I don't feel at all deprived. I was worried about missing coffee. I used to have three or four cups every day and a morning cappuccino but it was fine. And it's fine to have the odd treat although to be honest I don't enjoy them the way I used to.

I always used to have an almond croissant. I had one after a few weeks and I was really looking forward to it but it just didn't taste quite as good. I hated my body before. I didn't like looking in a mirror. I don't hate it now. The other day I bought a size 12 dress which made me feel great. As the weight starts going down so your confidence starts going up. The other thing I have noticed is that it has had a pronounced effect on my physical environment. I've been clearing out my house and my cupboards because I got quite a strong feeling that I wanted to unload my material belongings too.
Mrs Juliette Farqhar, 55, runs her own PR agency Juliette Hellman...
Mrs Juliette Farqhar, 55, runs her own PR agency Juliette Hellman. She lives in London and is divorced with two children.

I had been feeling below par for quite a while. I had bronchitis a few years ago which ran into bronchial pneumonia and then I contracted bronchitis last year and just couldn't shake it off. It wasn't that I still felt ill as such - I just didn't feel well. Something wasn't quite right. I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago and that led me to put on three stone in weight. It was obviously a substantial amount and I think it's fair to say that turned me into a different person. For years I'd been trying different diets and going to Weight Watchers. It was always the same. I would shift a stone, put it back on again, and then go back through the whole routine, and so on, but I never managed to get back to the weight I had been before I had the operation.

Before I went to see Joshi I was taking thyroxin for an under active thyroid, had recently been on HRT, and was self-administering vitamin pills in a bid to increase my energy levels. I did go to the gym to try and keep fit but my knee kept hurting which hampered me a bit.

Basically, I just wasn't firing on all cylinders. Then last April I read an article about Joshi and decided to go and see him. He was like a breath of fresh air. He didn't tell me I was fat or make me feel depressed. He just took my pulse, checked my tongue and spent a long time talking to me. Then he produced this diet for me to follow.

I began it that same evening. The next day I felt quite grotty and the day after that I got a terrible migraine. I called him and said that I didn't feel very well. He told me that my reaction was normal and that in fact it meant that I was getting better because the toxins were at last being released and were entering my bloodstream. It was true. Within a few days I felt fantastic. I only lost one pound the first week, then three pounds in the second week and two pounds in the third week. But the extraordinary thing was that I didn't even feel like I was trying to lose the weight. I honestly didn't notice. Within four weeks I'd lost 10 lbs. I carried on for three months and lost 22lbs. I'm not consciously on a diet any more but I've changed the way I eat and am confident that I will lose more weight just because I do things differently now.

I never found the diet a problem even in the first few weeks. It's easy once you get going. At first I was worried that I would miss caffeine - I do like my Starbuck cafe lattes. And I love shellfish. But I haven't missed any of these things at all. I did wonder the other day what it would be like to have some lobster. But to be honest I'm not even sure if I'd like it any more. Strangely, the only thing I really miss is balsamic vinegar. It's not just about weight but about my whole sense of wellbeing. The programme also helped get my blood pressure back to normal - it had been very low before. And because Joshi had removed all citrus fruits from my diet my knee stopped hurting and I was able to go back to the gym. I've gone down a dress size and a half and everyone keeps telling me how amazing I look. I had stopped taking the HRT just before I went to see Joshi because I had read that it is bad for you but I was very worried about how I would cope. I haven't missed it all. In fact I feel better than I have in years and have even been able to stop taking my thyroxin tablets.
Opera singer Janine Roebuck, 50 read that Patsy Kensit had gone to see Dr Joshi and had lost weight ...
Opera singer Janine Roebuck, 50 read that Patsy Kensit had gone to see Dr Joshi and had lost weight through following his detox plan. ‘I was attracted to Josh’s herbal dietary plan because it didn’t involve me taking any prescription drugs and that it was about cutting down on certain foods rather than cutting them out completely. I liked Joshi as soon as I met him. He listened to my problems and was very thorough. I told him I had had breast cancer so he took a blood test before putting me on the dietary programme. I had also suffered terrible migraine headaches for years and had a very acidic tummy. But since following his plan the headaches have disappeared and tummy settled down. His supplements also worked like magic for me – a real miracle. My liver has never worked so well. I always used to suffer terrible sea-sickness when performing on cruise liners. But I was in a gale force 9 recently and sang my way through it not feeling nauseous once.

Since having radiotherapy and chemotherapy for my cancer my kidneys had become damaged and sluggish which affected my metabolism, so I had put on a lot of weight. But now I feel transformed. I have lost a stone over about six weeks, but I am doing it slowly. I have just taken delivery of an exercise bicycle. Joshi suggested it and I am looking forward to working on that too. I think because of his Indian and Western background he is a man of great wisdom, integrity and sensitivity even though he is quite young. He pinpointed that I was sensitive to alcohol, wheat and dairy products which I try to avoid. He also did the Egyptian cupping on my back. In the beginning they left huge red wheels because I was so toxic but now they are very small faint ones. Joshi has even given me hope that I should not give up finding a lifelong partner. I really do feel a new woman.
Richard, 53, chairman of a record company and lives in London...
I had had a very difficult year and was feeling extremely tired. I went away for Christmas and had a good rest but when I came back I just didn’t feel refreshed or re-energised. I was also very overweight. My girlfriend persuaded me to see Joshi. I decided to go and have a chat. I thought he might be able to help me with my diet because I am a vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish. I ate what I thought was a healthy diet, no processed or fried foods but when I went to see him he just looked at me in horror.

He could see I was very overweight and said I needed to detox. He gave me a blood test and then introduced me to this new way of eating. I loved fruit but he cut that out of my diet, and then he cut out certain vegetables that I really enjoyed such as mushrooms, cucumber, tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes – because they are acidic, or members of the nightshade family. I didn’t eat much dairy produce but I wasn’t allowed that either, nor bread or wheat products. He told me I had to start eating fish, as I wasn’t getting sufficient protein. I hadn’t eaten fish for 20 years but it wasn’t a problem and now I eat it every day.

The affect of going on the detox was almost immediate. I felt better within a couple of days. Even though I ate what I thought were healthy foods I ate too much and did no exercise. I had been on some kind of diet most of my life but nothing ever worked. But with Joshi’s detox I could feel the weight falling of me. I was never into weighing myself but I lost about 10 inches around my waist. I wasn’t so tired. I was sleeping much better and within a couple of weeks people were saying how well I looked. My skin had a better pallor and I was losing the weight.

The hardest thing was giving up fruit, which I know is very acidic, but I loved it. I never drank very much but even then I could drink vodka – neat, which suited me. I found Joshi inspirational. He got me to eat fish and join a gym, which I never dreamed I would do. I always regarded personal trainers as akin to the devil! But I joined a gym and even though I travel quite a lot I work out every day I am in London. I suppose I stuck to the actual detox diet for about a year 100 per cent and now I still stick to it 90 per cent of the time. I have the odd slice of bread. But I still need to lose more weight – there are bits of me that won’t go away! I have also had colonic irrigation which is fantastic. I just feel so well.

Initially your body goes into positive shock and you feel a bit light-headed, but then everything settles down and it is quite easy. I just feel so much better eating this way I don’t see the point of changing.
When Joshi told me he was going to change the way I eat, I didn't believe him...
"When Joshi told me he was going to change the way I eat, I didn't believe him. In fact, I didn't even care about all that - I just wanted to look my best for my wedding day. But Joshi was right. Within a month, it was if I had acquired a whole new set of taste buds. I no longer wanted coffee or tea and processed foods made me feel sick. Nine months on, I feel the same. For the record, I felt wonderful on my big day and the detox had taught me how to hang on to that feeling. I don't ever want to eat less well than I do now."

regards - and thanks for everything
Anna James
Anna Pukas
It will be 21 days of my programme this coming Friday. I feel fabulous! ...
It will be 21 days of my programme this coming Friday. I feel fabulous! I have lost about 10 lbs. And even my arthritis pains have diminished about 60%. I will go on to the Maintenance Programme but I know I have already made changes in my diet that are now part of my new way of eating. Please let Dr. Joshi know of my success and thank him for me.

Dora C. Fernandez
About 2 years ago I had a problem conceiving and I desperately needed to lose weight after my first baby ...
Dear Dr. Joshi,

About 2 years ago I had a problem conceiving and I desperately needed to lose weight after my first baby (I had put on 30kg during my first pregnancy!). While shopping around at my local supermarket, I saw your holistic detox diet book and bought it! I followed it to the letter and managed to lose 10kg at the end of the 21 days. I was ecstatic and I conceived soon after! Thank you Dr. Joshi!
All my friends wanted to know what I had done and I told them about your book. They have been looking for it locally and couldn't seem to find it but recently I found a copy at my local bookshop (I had given one of my friends my old copy). I have noticed that this particular copy has some blank pages, I plan to return it to the bookshop as soon as I get time but that might have been their last copy. My question is, if I decide to order it from your shop how much will it cost me and how long will it take? What do you have in place to ensure that such copies (with blank pages) don't find their way into the market?

Hope to hear from you soon and keep up the good work! PS: I just discovered your website today...

Njeri Mureithi
Nairobi, Kenya
Dora C. Fernandez
I am a 29 year old female with mild PCOS. I read your book in August 2008 & followed your detox ...
Dear Dr. Joshi,

I am a 29 year old female with mild PCOS. I read your book in August 2008 & followed your detox & maintenance several times since then, as my GP recommended I should stay at 60kg to reduce PCOS symptoms and associated fertility issues.

Convinced that I was quite a healthy eater and had always been physically active throughout my life, I was wondering why all those hours at the gym were not translating into actual weight loss.

I am pleased to say that I lost 5-6kg after the first 2 or so months and my gut has stopped feeling and looking so bloated. I have been keeping in the 58-60kg range since last year. I have the occasional slip up but wanted to let you know that your programme really works for me. I have recommended it to all my friends since they were so curious what the secret was!

Thanks to your book, I realised how red meats, the night shade veges, white carbs, specific cheeses and fruit juices were all impacting on my body.

Now I live in Germany where the abundance of organic food shops makes doing your maintenance very easy, despite the plethora of breads around (although, spelt and sour dough are hard to occasionally say no to). Your book takes pride of place in our kitchen! Thanks again.

I was given your Holistic Detox book over the holidays and I guess the time was right ...
Dear Joshi,

I was given your Holistic Detox book over the holidays and I guess the time was right, because after being inquisitive about cleansing for years, I finally bit the bullet. The information contained in your book was straight forward, presented in a mostly positive way (what you CAN eat, as opposed to what you CAN'T), and I became very excited about it. I am the mother of a 3 yr old and a 17 mo old, and my husband and I were both looking for something to kick start our new outlook in the new year.

I'll admit I was scared at first, but I'm so jazzed about all the new recipes I'm finding, enjoy going to the grocery store more now that I go almost every day (it's much less stressful with 2 small children to just run in for a few things, than to do an hour long trip!), not to mention how great my husband and I are both feeling, though he and my children are not strictly adhering to the Detox, just healthier diet choices.

My youngest has had little trouble with the cleaner food changes, but my son was resistant for about a week, which made me realize just how off the track our diet was. He's coming around, and we're all seeing benefits. One thing the book didn't really touch on as much as I thought it should, was the HUGE difference in our attitudes. Here we are in what is traditionally the hardest part of the year for me, and my husband and I aren't bickering as much anymore, we have more patience, and are reconnecting! It's as if the fuzzy gauze has been lifted from our eyes, and now we're clearer.

Also, I've suffered from adult "acne" for about a decade now and have been told by many health care professionals, including dermatologists, that it will eventually clear up, but I was still waiting. I'm on day 15 of the Detox, and I'm seeing amazing results! Thank you so very much. You have no idea how much I was affected by my bad skin. Thank you for your book. It's inspirational and fabulous.

I DO understand why convenience foods have become so popular in this busy world, as I'm spending a TON more time in the kitchen every day, but as you touched on, isn't our health worth the extra time, effort and money?

As I come to the end of the Detox, I am feeling very seduced by the plethora of processed foods with which we are bombarded with hourly here in North America. In Canada, we are even exposed to ads for American foods and restaurants that we don't have access to in Canada, but I feel as if I've been given tools with which to look at the ads critically and decide whether the foods featured are actually food, or whether they are filler.

One last realization I'd like to share with you is: I was amazed once I started the Detox and began preparing ALL my own meals, at the amount of non-nutritious things I was previously putting into my body. For 2 weeks now the only things I've eaten have been actual food for my body, and not things that taste good that aren't necessarily anything my body can use. We are SO brainwashed. Again, thank you. If I'm ever in Britain, I hope to visit your clinic, at least to see it.

Mrs. Smith - Canada

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